We have worked on a lookout project as technical inspector

Hungal Ltd. participated in the GINOP tender project entitled “Bakancsos Barangolás a Bakonytól a Balatonig” ( „Hiking from Bakony mountain till to the lake Balaton”).

During this project the former military observation tower, which is located between Nagyvázsony and Tótvázsony has been renovated.

The renovation works started in the summer of 2020. First  the entire roof structure has been renovated, followed by the complete cleaning and repair of the external facade surfaces which are made from small bricks. For the security of the future  visitors new metal-structured stairs, guardrails and safety grilles have also been installed in the tower. In order to preserve the condition of the tower, new doors and windows were installed, and the interior walls were also repaired and whitewashed.

The former shooting range tower next to main road Nr. 77 was presumably built by German soldiers and used also as an airport control tower. After the war, the observation tower was used by Soviet and presumably Hungarian soldiers, in order to observe the ongoing military exercises at the shooting range located North from the tower.

Hungal Ltd. performed technical inspection tasks on this project.

Crisis Analysis

Our new product assists the owners of new or ongoing construction projects.

The crisis analysis provides investors and developers with an updated assessment of the impact of the current pandemic-driven processes on the economic and technological environment, with special attention to the optimization of the technological expenses.

For this purpose we have developed a 12-step analysis methodology, focusing on:


  • schedule options
  • market trends
  • supply of construction materials
  • financing sources.  
  • evaluation of related economic policies and support
  • risk analysis


The results of the analytical process will help you in making a sound, well-founded decision in the current, constantly changing business environment, project schedule and technical specifications.

HunGal Kft. has a vast experience in delivering special crisis management services for the construction industry. Exploring our extensive track record, our experts in engineering, economics and operation are using an updated early-warning risk identification and management system.

Our recommendations and well documented strategic options based on a complex evaluation will support the management in taking timeline and effective actions, which strengthen the viability and sustainability of the given project and offer advantages over the competitors.

If you have any further questions regarding our  Crisis Analysis Services, don’t hesitate to write to us at office@hungal.hu